About Lignum

Lignum is launched in 2019 by owner Wietske Neerincx.

The products provide elegance and ease, EasyElegance. Lignum provides that women can take their things with them in style and can easily find their things in the bag. Unlike other bags, Lignum offers bags with a mirror and a light inside in combination with matching jewelry and the innovative use of wood. Lignum focuses on those who are looking for unique and high-quality leather bags and jewelry.

All products are designed in the Netherlands and are traditionally manufactured in Italy. It is a beautiful combination of Dutch Design meets Italian craftsmanship.



About the Designer

It is Wietske Neerincx's eye for detail that makes the Lignum collection strong, elegant and recognizable.

Wietske grew up in the Netherlands. As a child she was already designing and making clothes for her dolls, she also drew a lot and made and designed various pieces of furniture herself. After high school, she studied Industrial Product Design at the technical university in Delft. Her sense of design, ergonomics, material and functionality was further developed during this period. During a six-month study assignment, she won the prize for best-designed product, after which her product was taken into production. During her studies she lived in Milan for longer periods. She has worked for various design agencies. With the work she has done for a Dutch design agency, she and the product design team had won the Red Dot Design Award and can now be viewed at the Red Dot Design Museum in Essen. Through her passion for fashion in combination with her studies, she created innovative bag designs. After which she decided to study a course in processing leather, a goldsmith training and to work for the Bag Museum Hendrikje in Amsterdam. Here she came into contact with a international bag design competition. She was in the final with designers of different nationalities such as Egypt, America, England and her design was chosen by a professional jury as the winning design. The bag is included in the permanent collection of the Museum of Bags and Purses and can now be admired there. In 2019 she started her own label Lignum Bags. She wants to provide women with elegance and ease. She has moved to Milan where her design studio is also located.